Third Philadelphia Mint (CCP)

The US Treasury’s architect’s drawing details of the third Philadelphia Mint were issued in 1898 with the thought, “No pains have been spared to provide this mint with the best…”.

In 1901, the building on Spring Garden Street opened, at a cost of $2M, plus $1M in equipment. ($2M in 1900 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $103M today. The expert craftmanship and the raw materials are likely no longer available—at any cost.)

Designed by architect William Martin Aiken and constructed under James Knox Taylor, this massive structure encompases nearly a full city block, an instant landmark. This mint still stands intact—both interior and exterior and was acquired by the Community College of Philadelphia in 1971, which retains a gallery in tribute to its history.

Join us on an elaborate tour hosted by the Community College of Philadelphia to view the building’s historic Boardroom, Music Department, Art Corridor, Rotunda Atrium, and much more with members from the CCP construction management team, architecture faculty team, and architects involved in recently completed projects in the Mint building. 

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