DCI Engineers

DCI Engineers has been providing client-focused structural and civil engineering services for over 35 years. Our office locations are spread up and down the West Coast, including, the Mountain States of Colorado, Idaho, Montana; the East Coast, and Texas. These 20+ offices employ over 400 dedicated engineers and technical support staff. We are licensed in all 50 states, as well as many Canadian providences. At DCI, we believe design innovation is applicable not only to building new but to ensuring we are preserving what has been. DCI is fortunate to have a team of engineers with the experience, passion and gutsiness to take on this important task of preserving history. Their ability to respect the historic fabric of these regional landmarks while ensuring their life-safety takes creative thinking and an ability to coordinate with project stakeholders.

Steve Krumenacker, PE
1255 Drummers Lane, Suite 201, Wayne, PA 19087

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