Historic preservation is vital to Philadelphia and its environs.

The preservation of our region’s incomparable history is a significant part of what makes Philadelphia a great city. We were reminded of this on June 5th, when we honored 21 projects at our annual Preservation Achievement Awards, including the Metropolitan Opera House, the Hale Building, and Stoneleigh Mansion. But, for all these triumphs of adaptive re-use and rehabilitation, there have also been disappointing losses: the U.S. Tire Co. building on N. Broad Street, and Christian Street Baptist Church in South Philadelphia are notable recent examples.

The Alliance is the only non-profit organization in the region that is engaged in comprehensive advocacy for the preservation of historic resources. To focus our advocacy initiatives and draw attention to their importance, we established an Advocacy and Legal Defense Fund. This fund recognizes the importance of informed preservation advocacy and dedicates financial support to the full range of the Alliance’s efforts. Once a building is lost, we cannot get it back. We urge you to make a significant investment in this fund today to help ensure that the Alliance is prepared to take on future challenges.

The Alliance must have the financial resources to act quickly to avoid upcoming losses and to respond promptly and strongly to those that arise unexpectedly. Your financial support will allow the Alliance to develop and execute effective protection strategies, which require conducting in-depth research, engaging legal and other experts and mobilizing and activating successful partners. This is the core of advocacy and enhances our ability to influence the outcomes.

Support for this kind of work will only come from people like you, who value our historic fabric and understand the urgency to safeguard it NOW. Your gift supports our work and helps secure the resources we need to protect Greater Philadelphia’s most important historic sites and strengthen the laws and policies intended to defend them.

Please support the Preservation Alliance and our advocacy efforts, by making a generous donation today.


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