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How to Navigate the Historical Review Process in Philadelphia

A comprehensive guide for historic property owners that explains the Philadelphia Historical Commission review process, from permit application to final approval.

A Guide to Identifying and Evaluating Opportunities for Shared Use of Religious Properties

A guide to assist congregations that wish to explore shared uses or leasing portions of their properties.

Sense of Place: Design Guidelines for New Construction in Historic Districts

Includes case studies of new construction in historic districts, evaluates and analyzes this new infill and provides recommendations for future designs.

Handbook for Community Organizations

A collection of historic preservation resources that serves as the Alliance’s “Preservation 101″ handbook, from “Why Preserve?” to “Financial Subsidies, Incentives and Grants for Historic Preservation.”

Yorktown: An Historic Philadelphia Neighborhood

An illustrated history of Yorktown’s planning and development, based on our resource survey of its residential properties as a basis for developing a National Register nomination of the historic neighborhood.

Historic Resources

Many of Philadelphia’s most beloved buildings would not be standing today if it were not for basic legal protections and policies written into local and federal law. Each of the programs below contribute to the protection of our irreplaceable historic resources. Click on the links below to learn more.

Philadelphia Register of Historic Places

Listing on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places protects a building from adverse alteration and unnecessary demolition.

National Register of Historic Places

Listing on the National Register of Historic Places provides recognition of the significance of a historic place. Some properties listed on the National Register may be eligible for financial incentives for rehabilitation.

Preservation Easements

Preservation easements ensure a building’s historic character will be maintained in perpetuity.

Neighborhood Conservation Districts

Conservation districts help protect a neighborhood’s unique sense of place. Each of these programs contributes to the protection of our irreplaceable historic resources.

Additional Resources

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The Historical Commission is the City of Philadelphia’s historic preservation regulatory agency. The Commission itself consists of fourteen members representing a breadth of perspectives. The Mayor appoints eight of the members to the Commission; the remaining six are ex-officio members. The Commission has the authority to designate properties as historic and list them on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places and to approve or deny building permit applications for designated properties. The Architectural Committee is a technical advisory committee to the Commission. Its members are architects, contractors, and structural engineers, and other experts in the field of historic preservation.
  • The Architectural Committee meets monthly in Room 18-029, 1515 Arch Street.
  • The Historical Commission meets the second Friday of the month at 9:00 am, 1515 Arch Street Room 18-029.
  • The Committee on Historic Designation and Committee on Financial Hardship meet on an as-needed basis.

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