Lynnewood Hall Preservation Foundation Inc

Aligning with one vision to save Lynnewood Hall, The Lynnewood Hall Preservation Foundation intends to acquire the Trumbauer designed Widener Family Estate, a true architectural masterpiece, and see it restored to its former breathtaking glory. Education, sustainability, and arts preservation are key components of this multi-phased restoration project. Moreover, the project in process will offer the greater community access to aspirational jobs as well as deep educational opportunities in history, artisan restoration arts, sustainability, horticulture, design, music, culinary arts, and civics.

Always community focused, the Widener family were generous patrons of the arts. The family occasionally opened up their collections for the public to view. Lynnewood Hall, despite being founded as a private estate, stood as a testament to humanities passions and talents, generosity of spirit, and aspirations to achieve what seemed impossible. Our young country stands to learn so much from the legacies our forefathers worked so hard to leave to us. It is our duty now to take up the mantel as stewards of the future. We are gifted with the opportunity to step across the threshold of time, reminding ourselves of the importance of history in our positive path moving forward.The Lynnewood Hall Preservation Foundation pledges to spread the wealth of art, culture, and human decency to the wider community as a definition of civic and cultural engagement that endeavors to grow community and historical understanding.

Angie Van Sycoc
Lewistown, PA 17044

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